ADA-32 Sparling Shower Seat - Right

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The ADA-32 seat meets and exceeds ADAAG 4.26.3 for structural strength when properly mounted. The ADA-32 meets ANSI 610.3.1 standards specified for rectangular seats. Seat must be installed with proper in wall backing. Installed height is 18". Made in Michigan.

The ADA-32 shower seat gives you the ability to enjoy the benefits of showering while providing a safe shower experience. The ADA-32 provides a comfortable wider and deeper seat for those with showers that can accept the larger size. Our shower seat conveniently folds up to the wall when not in use and extends only 3.25" from the wall. The polypro and stainless steel friction brake mounting brackets hold the seat in place on the wall without the use of springs that could corrode over time.

The seat (32" x 22") is manufactured of Linear Low Density Polyethylene, rigid foam filled, with a textured non slip surface. This material has superior strength and durability and includes UV stabilizers to prevent fading. The polished and buffed stainless steel tubular frame provides the structure and appearance desired in the shower. The seat is designed for right hand showers.

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